Gyan Mudra

The Energy Quest Program

An 8 Week Program to realign your Chakras, heal emotionally, physically, and energetically, and reclaim Soul Alignment.

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The Answers are Within

Breakaway from society's rules and ask yourself the questions you've searched externally for.


Tune into your body's messages, emotional guidance, and soul wisdom through The Energy Quest Program!

What You Get

This 8 Week Program includes all the rituals and practices you need to break the energy codes, unlock the warrior within, and tap into Universal guidance.

Chakra 101

The Ultimate Guide to understanding the energy centers, the emotional blockages, and healing modalities.

Meal Focus



7 Weeks of specific Chakra balancing foods and meal ideas to activate each energy center holistically and naturally.

Meditation Program



Learn 5 different Meditation practices including colour therapy and frequency attunement in order to raise your vibration to match each Chakra.

Feminine Energy Guidance

Including quizzes and journal prompts to tap into your feminine energy and identify which Chakra is blocked and how to unblock them.

Masculine Energy Movement

8 weeks of 30 minute movement practices to activate your fire center, transmute energy and open up your Crown Chakra.

Intutive Protocols

Daily video and protocols worksheets to balance each energy center from morning to night.

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Iyengar Yoga

​We are asking you to adventure on the quest to exploring the messages from your body, mind & soul.

The Energy Quest Program will resonate with you if you're:

- Struggling emotionally, physically, mentally & spiritually

- Beginning your spiritual journey

- Suffering from built-up anger, resentment, anxieties, and phobias

-  Looking for a deeper connection to your higher self

- Challenged with life-altering decisions

- Feeling lost, confused, and in need of guidance

- Wanting to advance your Soul-Care

- Desire a deeper, meaningful and passionate love

- Struggle with Self-Confidence and Self-Pleasure

-  Know you're blocked energetically in one or more Chakras

Yoga Class


Meditation by the Beach

When I decided to purchase the 8 Week Chakra Balancing Program I was holding onto a lot from my past.  Through breath work, meditation, and specific tools to balance my Heart Chakra I have not only learned to forgive but have learned to love.

Stephan F.

I always felt like I was missing a strong part of my spiritual journey and couldn't open my Crown Chakra.  Through this program, I was able to open up my Crown Chakra and enhance my spiritual journey.

Paul M.

Before starting the 8 Week Chakra Balancing Program I had a hard time speaking the truth.  I also had a hard time expressing my thoughts and feelings.  I stuck to the program and followed it step by step.  I realized during the program that it wasn't a problem, I just had a blocked Throat Chakra

Jenifer D.

It's Time To Find Balance Within

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